Top 3 sources of Good Cholesterol

Top 3 sources of Good Cholesterol

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For years, cholesterol has been considered one of the biggest killers, along with smoking and obesity. The reality is quite different from this. The current confusion arises because of flawed studies based on animal experiments.

Cholesterol is manufactured by our bodies. It is essential to all animal life. If it is too low, our bodies do not function properly. Although our bodies can make all the cholesterol they need, most of it is made in the liver and the liver has many other jobs to do. These days, many people's livers are overtaxed processing the huge amount to a sugar called fructose which is found in fruit and sweetened convenience foods.

So the key to helping your liver perform optimally is to eat foods which contain cholesterol.

Meat and dairy produce

Cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. There is no cholesterol in plants. You can get about twenty percent of the cholesterol your body needs from eating meat and dairy produce. Cholesterol is found equally in both the lean and the fat, so it doesn't matter which you eat. However, there is a benefit from leaving the fat on: fat is not only nature's best source of energy, it will also help to keep you slim.


Shellfish have high levels of cholesterol. And they also have an added advantage that they contain omega 3 fatty acids which our brains need to grow and the function properly. Other sources of omega 3s are cold water fish such as cod, tuna, salmon, sardines, trout, halibut and mackerel.


Eggs also have high levels of cholesterol. This is not surprising as eggs contain every compound needed to make a living animal, and cholesterol is a major building block for every body cell. For many years, eggs were shunned because of the cholesterol they contain. We now know that this condemnation was wholly unjustified.

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Last updated 14 June 2012